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  • Trip v1.04

    ID: ca.ginik.trip

    Updated: 2014-03-02

    Contains an optional, one-time, permanent, in-app payment to remove ads.Trip! Try your best to get the highest score. Slide the numbers around the grid, push them against a wall to combine. Ones can only combine with Twos and vice versa. Every other...

  • Trip

    ID: com.primebitstudio.trip

    Updated: 2015-05-20

    Take part in a trip into the depths of human consciousness. Confront your emotions such as fear, shame or regret and achieve inner...

  • Aliens Trip - Infinite v4.0

    ID: com.aliens.trip

    Updated: 2014-08-20

    "Aliens Trip" is a simple and addictive game freely available on Android Platform : You are nice aliens doing a small trip on earth. But to go as far as possible, you must remain vigilant!How to play : - Touch the screen to fly - Avoid...

  • High Trip v1.0

    ID: high.trip.besplay

    Updated: 2013-05-28

    Try to reach the end of the sky by flying with Air Balloon. This is very funny and endless game, where you collect money for another chance during the trip, and also trying to get higher and...

  • Cool School v1.1


    Updated: 2015-07-22

    I am sure that You would love your school to be more fun and lovely place compared to the boring activities that are mostly done there. Lets Get ready to attend the coolest school ever, packed with super cool & creative activities. we will explore...

  • School Escape v1.0


    Updated: 2015-01-12

    One day,you fell asleep during the lesson.As punishment,your teacher set you a difficult problem.Unless you solve this problem,you can't go home.Let's search the school for clues.First,get a "Key Item" that helps to solve a...

  • Funny High School v1.4


    Updated: 2015-04-07

    Funny High School Time are a series of mini games to challenge friends and family: you must complete all the levels. Download now !Game features:- Totally Free to play and a lot of fun game- Brain training puzzles- Earn point and win prizes- Progressive...

  • Girl Fight in School HD v1.0


    Updated: 2015-01-21

    Prepare yourself for the School Girl Fighting challenge! Fight your way to become a martial arts master of the School! Learn all the moves and beat your opponents in this intensive action fighting game. Whether your style is karate, kungfu, tae kwon do,...

  • Party School Bus Driving 3D v1.0


    Updated: 2015-04-13

    Enjoying Holidays all summer and what a summer, but It’s time to get back to school and learn. Yes education is good and necessary to be successful and prosperous. Adventure of Studying is about to begin and we need our favorite yellow bus to take us...

  • Cool School - Kids Rule!!! v1.0.0


    Updated: 2015-06-16

    You wish your school was this COOL! Get ready to attend the coolest school ever, packed with super cool & creative activities! Explore ALL the super cool school rooms - visit the nurse’s office, feed the class pet, play memory games by the lockers...

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