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  • kill cockroaches v2.0

    ID: com.apps4apk.kill.cockroaches

    Updated: 2014-12-08

    Game kill cockroaches, of interesting toys that run on laughter in children. Then play and kill cockroaches, and also flies to protect berry tasty cockroaches disgusting.How to play: cockroaches and flies down from the top of the screen to the bottom of...

  • Smash Ants And Cockroaches v1.3

    ID: com.alpha.smashants

    Updated: 2014-06-20

    Enjoy smashing ants,cockroaches and caterpillars in your Android devices.This game helps people who afraid of ants,cockroaches.Main features are,* Total game size just bellow 1.5 MB.* Ants,cockroaches and caterpillars to smash.* Also dangerous scorpions...

  • Koala World v1.0


    Updated: 2015-06-29

    Adventure Koala World is a fun game where you need to be careful because There are various difficulties awaiting your Koala, try to collect cockroaches and tap to jump over the obstacles! Enjoy this fun adventure games!Features :••• 105 crazy and...

  • Super Oggy World v1.0

    ID: com.almtwer.SuperOggyWorld

    Updated: 2015-03-22

    Super Oggy World is the Best platform adventure . Enjoy the platform Awesome levels that we made for you!Super Oggy this is a fun and amazing adventure game it is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for. Like side scrolling adventure...

  • Crazy Oggy Subway Skater v1.0

    ID: com.yascrazyoggysubwayskater

    Updated: 2015-07-18

    "Crazy Oggy Subway Skater" is a super adventure and legendary skater platformer game!Grab your skateboard,surf and jump through more than 100+ jaw-dropping levels with increasing difficulty.Crazy Oggy Subway Skater includes :- Amazing and...

  • Crush Cockroaches v1.0

    ID: com.DroideApps.Cucarachas

    Updated: 2015-01-25

    What to you more nauseous that bug!Get ready!Armate value!And ...Crush all cockroaches as you can with your finger.Beware try to get into your home!Recommend this game to everyone who give disgusting cockroaches, it sure put face when they see you in...

  • Funny Farm Games and Photos v1.0

    ID: com.joyrideapps.farmgames

    Updated: 2015-01-27

    This game lets you puzzle several different, fun looking farm animals, as well as try out your memory with our exciting memo game. Furthermore you can play our cool block game, with animals, as well as look at pictures of a cow, pig, horse and...

  • Funny cars and logos quiz v1.0

    ID: com.vietkidgame.carlogoquiz

    Updated: 2015-01-10

    Do you know how many carmakers, including logo and company cars of the world? Cars and Logo Quiz app will help you quickly test your abilities. With beautiful and latest updates images, you will feel very interesting to explore the cars world.The...

  • Funny Fish Games and Photos v1.1

    ID: com.joyrideapps.fishgames

    Updated: 2015-01-25

    Everyone is fascinated by all the cool looking creatures that live in the sea. We have created a game with some cartoon fishes and other water animals and put together some nice little games, as well as some real and awesome looking photos of colorful...

  • Funny Car Games and Photos v1.1

    ID: com.joyrideapps.cargames

    Updated: 2015-02-27

    Everybody loves a nice car. Now you can check out some awesome photographs of cool looking (and not so cool looking) cars, as well as try out our 6 challenging puzzle games, memo game and our funny car cam!Yes, it features:*** Puzzles with several...

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